About us

PIVOTREV is a cloud based, online centralized review system for real consumers community portal with a new way of product reviews to find out what real users are saying about your products or services you want to sale. Our proprietary technology has millions of real users with millions of product reviews.

Each review is from the online community profile of  a customer with has a track of history of review records of the customer. This avoids the common mishap of other review decentralised   sites which allow anybody, including non-customers, to give feedback which can provide an inaccurate image of the company to potential shoppers.

By collecting PIVOTREV reviews, businesses can increase their trust and brand loyalty with existing customers, as well as drive new sales through social engagement. PIVOTREV reviews are gathered and displayed on unique profiles, as well as directly on your website.

88% of shoppers trust online reviews as much as personal recommendations; PIVOTREV leverages this fact to provide quality reputation and review management to drive positive buzz and peer feedback, and increased overall sales. When customers are greeted by positive PIVOTREV reviews, their confidence is boosted, resulting in increased conversion rates and overall ROI for your business.

PIVOTREV is on a mission to set the global standard for collecting genuine reviews, helping businesses deeply engage with their customers, and allowing companies to grow like never before.